Brand: Crow

Item Number: SH-SIRINT9F

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SH-SIRINT is a fully supervised wireless siren. Its slim and compact design blends into the decor and provides an alert to potential danger. It also indicates entry and exit delays, trouble beeps and door chimes.

SH-SIRINT can be configured Over-The-Air.

Communication Protocol Freewave2™ two-way ISM GFSK with 5 frequencies & LBT
Operating Frequencies 916MHz
Identification Unique ID serial number – 24 bit
Events Transmission Alarm, Tamper, Supervision, Low Bat.
Supervision Time 7 min by default
Transmission Range 500m open space
Alert Method Internal Piezo and LED
Sound Level 85dB at 1 meter
Flash Light White LED
Battery 2 x Lithium battery 1.5V AA Energizer L91
Battery Life Up to 5 years
Current Consumption Average Current : ~60uA Max Current: Alarm 750mA
Tamper Switch Bracket Removal
Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C
Dimensions / Weight 93 mm x 93mm x 26mm / 80gr.
Compliance EN50131 Security Grade 2 Class II